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Product Name:Epson Micro Piezo Head DX5

Product Details:
5th generation
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Difference between Epson DX5 and Epson DX7

DX5 and DX7 are all micro-piezo heads, ceramic parts squeeze when charged to inject ink. For our technology, DX7 can take higher voltage then DX5, it inject ink faster. The print speed for DX7 is faster, inkdrop is smaller.


About encryption

Since Epson has encrypted it's head. There are two version DX5/7 heads.

1.Uncrypted head.  Expensive

Can be directly used on large format printer.

2.Encrypted head. Cheap

If directly used on printer, error will occur. We have launched a chip board to use encrypted head. One pc for one head, it can be recycled.

It can only used on A-Starjet printers.


Ask: Why Epson encrypted it's head?

Ans: The micro-piezo head was designed for desktop printer which can print 40-60cm. The printer itself is cheap, Epson make money by sell ink, media. Epson found Chinese manufacturer only purchase head without ink and media. Thus they encrypted heads, to make head can only print 40-60cm then error occurs.