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Product Name:A-StarCut II

Product Details:
roll to roll
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1 Set/Sets
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100 Set/Sets per Week
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Within 3 days

Detailed Product Description:

Best Innovation Of The Year
Labels finisher is designed to cut labels on single sheet or roll media without human intervene. The most difficult part for roll media cutting is that media gets slightly inclined. With two crop mark automatically tracking system, A-Starcut is able to handle it.

How it works,
Printed by any other device with two Crop Mark.(Marks for auto tracking). 
Load media on A-Starcut.

1. Edit file need be print, add Marks.

2. Load Print File into Coredraw, create path need to be cut. 

This can be done easier cause the image can be seen during editing

3. Export Edited file to USB device 
4. Select file and copies, press ok.
5. A-StarCut will trace two crop mark and do cutting
6. After finished one page, it will trace next page's two crop mark
No matter how long the media will be, there'll be no accumulated error.

When cut roll-to-roll media. The maximum distance(Y-direction) between Crop Marks should within 350mm.

Consumable Part:

Knife: USD20-60. 

Different knives for different material.

Layer: USD10/pc (Protect knife from contacting platform)

Die-board free, off line
Two crop mark for rotation calibration. Enables roll-to-roll cutting.
Ratio calibration, different media has different friction
Smart cutting path, starting point autosetting, saves time.
angle compensation, better detail 
end to end compensation, cutting precisely. 

Die cutting

The traditional die cutting process is long and complex. The entire process from

1. package design

2. production of the die

3. transport back to the converter,

4. setting up and installing the die,

5. adjusting the plate on the die cutting machine

which is lengthy, highly skilled and expensive.

The A-StarCut is revolutionary in that it separates the two processes of creating and packing.

The entire process is digital, changes can be made easily, inexpensively and immediately.

Because there is no need for a conventional die, that has to be transported to the converter’s site and no use made of the wood, rubber, and metal, not to mention the storage of the dies.
Digital cutting benefits:
  • Files can be reused, edited, stored on your computer.
  • Versions can be changed, online, immediately.
  • Furthermore, conventional die-cutting is a highly skilled, and labor-intensive process. Digital die-cutting on the Highcon Euclid is intuitive and simple to operate.
  • Setup is measured in minutes rather than few hours.

A-Starcut is a digital cutting and creasing machine, which digitizes both the cutting and creasing processes. Unlike traditional die cutting, A-StarCut allows on demand adjustments and changes, the set up and preparation process is much shorter, and it is all digital, so no warehouses are required and manpower costs are much lower.